Some people call it Nature. We call it Home. 

As we`re becoming more civilized and more caged in by technology, stress and demands, it’s easy to forget about the nature where we all came from. You might already have noticed that you feel better, more calm and connected while in nature, or you might have read the research about nature ́s positive effect on humans. Nature reminds us how small we are and can give us a sense of awe and being part of something bigger. 

Our idea with the handmade bracelets collection “Nature is Home”, is to give some help to the earth we all need, give a little extra strength in everyday life and as a reminder to dare to challenge ourselves every day, how big or little it ever may be…. 

Our story 

Annelie is one of Sweden’s biggest (little) female adventurers and Helene is a silversmith and had the courage to make a big change in her life. 

As an adventurer, Annelie has climbed the 7 summits (reached the highest peaks on each 7 continents) and she has free dived to breathtakingly 126meters in one breath. Annelie is a yogi, surfer, author and keynote speaker among others, as well as an WWF ocean ambassador. 

Heléne is a silversmith with a university degree and a Master of fine art in Craft and design, educated at Konstfack Stockholm. She is represented at, among others, the Nationalmuseum in Stockholm. Three years ago she took the husband, the dog and the silver workshop and moved to a 38 foot ( 12 m) sailing boat Bobo Drifter, to live simpler and closer to nature. 

They met on an island in Sweden where they lived on their boats, near nature and freedom. Annelie was given some beautiful bracelets which were made by Helene as a surprise gift by her ex boyfriend. One was for the mountains, one was for the ocean, and one said it all; `Nature is Home`. It became Annelie’s favorite bracelet of all time and people started to ask, Where can I get one of those! She realized that more people might want to be reminded that nature is home and contacted Helene to see if she was interested. She was! Helene redesigned and perfected the design. They decided to give some support back to Nature and to start with, through WWF who are present in over 100 countries and are running many projects to help nature, and to Divers Against Ghost Nets who is a non profit organisation.

20% of every Nature is Home bracelet sales are given to WWF and the special bracelet Ghost Nets are 20% given to Divers Against Ghost Nets

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