Care Instructions

Treat your jewelry well and it will treat you well for many years to come.

Viva la vida collection

This bracelets are a high quality product. The leather in this product is vegetable-tanned chrome-free leather from Sweden. The leather is tanned with tannic acid from vegetable sources, such as oak bark. And it is environmentally safe method. It means that this leather does not produce allergies. And like the "cherry on the top", it ages beautifully and naturally when its use right.

So how to do?

It's not so difficult. Use it. Not put in to a drew. Not ever scrub the silver or the leather!

In the beginning the silver can be a little oxid (blacked) if you don't use de bracelet every day. It depends on the oak bark from the leather. it's all naturell. You can take a clean and dry cloth.  But if you use it every day the silver will be naturel ground and the leather naturel fat and your jewelry will get the patina from your life.

What to avoid?

Water! Longtime in a sunny place! Dry out!

And how can that happen?

Water: rainy day, shower, washing your hands or you having a sporty day.

Sunny place and dry out- well, don't put you jewelry long time in the sun and the leather can dry out if you put in like a plastic bag.