The greatest adventure of all takes place inside your self. To breathe is to live! Breathe, & be still and Life is a continuation of the collaboration between a great little adventurer and a sailing silversmith. Read more about how the collaboration began during Nature is Home.

Breathe, & be still

If the Nature is Home bracelets can be seen as a statement and to be reminded that nature is for everyone and that an adventure can begin with the small step out through your door, then Annelie Pompe and Bobo Drifter’s Mindfulness bracelets is a opportunity to get a quiet reminder about stop up and breathe in everyday life. Perhaps also to be reminded to take the time and be able to find the inner peace, on the bus, on the way to work, in the car queue or in the grocery store.

We all carry with us an inner stillness that is always there. We just need to stop, now and then, and be reminded. Just as breathing is with us all the time, it is a good reminder to be present in the body, not just in the mind. Breathing is important. Our breathing becomes faster and shallower when we are stressed or not in the present. Stop and take a deep breath. Allow your stomach to relax so you can breathe all the way down to the depths of your lungs. Relax your shoulders and neck. When you breathe deeper and slower, your whole being becomes a little more relaxed and present. Now you oxygenate your body better and feel better all over you!

Live & Life (Livet )

The bracelet Life is a reminder to live in the present of your life and of the love for yourself and others. When do you feel most alive? Maybe you can do more of that?

The color red has always been used in the old Eastern traditions. In Kabbalah, the common thread is seen as a protection against bad energies and it is also considered to be able to help clear the mind and get oneself into better thoughts. While the Burgundians believe that if the red is mixed with the pink, it can attract people and help build good relationships. They also believe that if you mix in orange, which is seen as the color of the sun, you achieve more harmony with yourself. So this collection is a celebrate to the LIFE!

Just like in the Nature is Home collection, where we donate 20% of every bracelet sale to the World Wide Fund for Nature, because we all depend on a healthy planet to breathe and live, so we donate 20% of every sale of Mindfulness bracelet to An organization that sheds light on supporting peoples inner well-being.

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